"Why I'm Running"

"I am running for Indiana State Treasurer in order to bring needed change to the office. Hoosier consumers need a friend in the Statehouse, and I can help in several ways:

First and foremost, I think we need an innovative, proactive State Treasurer who will prioritize jobs and economic development.

The State Treasurer is the closest thing Hoosiers have to an elected Chief Economic Officer, so it’s vitally important that whoever sits in that office spend every waking moment of his or her time thinking about ways to improve the economy and create and retain jobs.

I will invest our tax dollars in Indiana-based businesses so we can create more jobs right here at home. I will use the state's influence with financial institutions to protect our families from unscrupulous mortgage lenders, out-of-control credit card companies and deceptive banking practices. And I will improve transparency in the office, while aggressively promoting financial awareness among Hoosiers.

Secondly, I have concerns about the current management of this vitally important office. Hoosiers are wondering who is "minding the store" in the Statehouse, where unusually risky investments in our portfolio have negatively impacted our state's financial position.

I'm also troubled by a pattern of politicization in the office, which has been used as a platform to debate national politics at taxpayer expense. I will focus on being treasurer, and won't allow national issues or partisan politics to distract me from my responsibility of economic stewardship.

Finally, I am running for this office because it’s time for a new generation of leaders to step up and take responsibility. For nearly 30 years, the State Treasurer’s office has been controlled by familiar faces and by only one party. We need fresh legs, and more balanced government will promote accountability.

I'm a businessman who has never run for office before, but I have the education, experience and energy to lend a hand at this critical time in our state’s history. If you elect me as your State Treasurer, you'll have a friend in office with the right priorities: jobs, economic development, and consumer protection."

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