Heartfelt Thanks - A message from Pete 2010-11-03

I am writing today to say thank you.
Thank you for your help. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your friendship.
While last night did not bring the result we hoped for, it was well worth the struggle. If there’s anything I learned over the last year and half, traveling Indiana and meeting real Hoosiers who struggle to keep or find a job, to save for retirement, to pay their bills and stay in their homes and care for their kids, it's that not every day--or year--goes your way. But you never stop struggling, working, fighting, and believing in a better future.
Running for Indiana State Treasurer has been an indescribably rewarding and enriching experience.  I had the opportunity to visit communities large and small and meet thousands of Hoosiers, many of whom I am now honored to call friends.
I am proud of what this campaign was able to accomplish along the way, thanks to my outstanding team and supporters like you. We raised important issues about our state’s finances, we raised the profile of this office, and we raised an exceptional amount of money for this race--without taking a single penny from banks that do business with the office.
I'd like to believe we also raised the prospect of a new generation of Hoosiers who are ready, willing, and able to step up and run for public office in the future.
Two years ago, who would have thought that a young man with a funny last name from South Bend who had never run for office could have gotten this far? And who would have thought that our scrappy young campaign for a little-known office would end up leading the state Democratic ticket on Election Day?
You did.
This campaign is now in the rear-view mirror, but the issues we confronted aren't going away, and neither am I. Whether or not it's in electoral politics, I will continue to seek ways to make a difference for struggling families--and I know you will too. Our work is cut out for us, now more than ever.
Let's take a little time to reflect on a hard-fought campaign, let's celebrate our friendships and what we were able to build, and then let’s get busy again, fighting for this great state that we are honored to call home.
Thank you, and please keep in touch.


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IDS: Buttigieg for State Treasurer 2010-11-02

We endorse Pete Buttigieg for Indiana State Treasurer. He was educated at Harvard before he attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar to study economics. Buttigieg has a wide range of experience, from work as a businessman to a pastiche of areas including “economic development, retail strategy, energy and logistics.”  But it isn’t just his strong background that makes him an excellent candidate — he brings fresh and much-needed ideas to the position, solutions which all should benefit from and approve of, regardless of party.

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CNHI: Candidates for lesser known offices offer civics lessons 2010-11-01

It’s hard enough to get name recognition when you run for statewide office. Imagine having to spend time getting recognition for the office itself. But that’s what the major party candidates for state treasurer and state auditor have found themselves doing this election season: Giving voters a civics lesson on Indiana government. “It’s not the West Wing,” said Pete Buttigieg, the 28-year-old seeking to unseat Treasurer Richard Mourdock “It’s not an office people wake up in the morning thinking about.”

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Post-Trib: Trio tries old-time campaign 2010-11-01

hree Democratic candidates for state offices stumped for supporters at a local bar here Sunday in a campaign rally sponsored by the Northwest Indiana Federation for Labor. The visit was the 11th stop in a 12-city tour of the state this weekend, with Democrats trying pitching their get-out-the-vote message to the party faithful.

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WTHR: Candidates make final push before Election Day 2010-10-31

Candidates continue their final push for votes as they enter the home stretch toward Election Day. Democratic candidates for secretary of state, state treasurer and state auditor visited 12 cities over the weekend, rallying supporters. A Democrat hasn't held any of those offices in more than a decade.

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Herald Times: State Democratic candidates rally at Showers Buil 2010-10-30

The steps of the Showers Building were rallying grounds for statewide Democratic candidates at noon Friday in a get-out-the-vote effort toward Election Day.
The three candidates -- Sam Locke, running for state auditor; Pete Buttigieg, for state treasurer; and Vop Osili, for secretary of state -- were joined by about 30 Monroe County supporters. In their speeches, they acknowledged the importance the county played in the Democratic campaign and touted their respective platforms.

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NBC 2: Indiana Democrats Holding Out Hope Despite Poll Numbers 2010-10-30

It's the final weekend of the campaign and candidates are making their final push for votes.Poll numbers continue to show a lack of enthusiasm with the Democratic Party.Republicans are hoping it's enough to win back Congress.I spok e to Democrats running for state office about their chances this Tuesday and while they say they're optimistic, they know they have ground to make up if they want to pull out a win.

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Trib-Star: Democrats stage rally to encourage supporters to keep 2010-10-30

Democrats from around the state stumped in Terre Haute on Friday afternoon as the election day countdown continues. Pete Buttigieg, the party’s candidate for state treasurer, told a crowd of about 50 that despite media predictions of a Republican victory Tuesday, the Democrats are on the winning path. “We have the better choices. We have the better candidates. We’re right on the issues, and that’s why we’re going to win,” he said to cheers.

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Times: Dem statewide candidates hit road together 2010-10-30

The three Democratic candidates for statewide office are hitting the road for a three-day, 12-city campaign trip this Halloween weekend hoping to scare up some votes for Election Day on Tuesday.Secretary of State candidate Vop Osili, State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg and State Auditor candidate Sam Locke left an Indianapolis union hall Friday morning in two minivans and an SUV, cheered by some 20 sign-waving supporters.

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Tribune: Buttigieg for Treasurer 2010-10-29

Michiana voters this year have heard more from state treasurer candidates than most election years. In part, that’s because incumbent Republican Richard Mourdock is campaigning against the controversy from his challenge of the Chrysler bailout. He still believes it was right to sue the federal government for violating bankruptcy law.

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NW Times: We endorse Buttigieg for state treasurer 2010-10-29

Indiana voters have seen some excitement in a race that normally has the potential to be a real snoozer -- state treasurer. Republican Richard Mourdock, the incumbent, faces Democrat Pete Buttigieg. The biggest issue in this race is how Mourdock reacted when the Chrysler bankruptcy put on the fast track by the Obama administration placed the state pension money invested in Chrysler at risk.

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WTHI: Dem. Tour rolls through Terre Haute 2010-10-29

Secretary of state nominee Vop Osili, state auditor nominee Sam Locke and state treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg joined forces.The three kicked off a 12 city tour Friday morning, stopping in Terre Haute Friday afternoon. Each shared his thoughts heading into the final weekend of a tough election season for Democrats.

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Times Union: Treasurer Candidate Visits Warsaw 2010-10-28

Pete Buttigieg is running for the state treasurer's seat to bring transparency to the office. Buttigieg, 28, (D-South Bend) faces current State Treasurer Richard Mourdock in Tuesday's election. Mourdock has served as the state's treasurer since 2007. Buttigieg stopped by the Times-Union office Wednesday morning to discuss his run for the position that is the state's chief investment officer. He said he earned a degree from Harvard before studying economics at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

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Daily News: Indiana State Treasurer candidate meets with student 2010-10-28

Democrat Pete Buttigieg paid attention to Ball State voters passing through the Scramble Light Thursday afternoon.The Indiana State Treasurer candidate teamed up with University Democrats as part of "Better Know Your Ballot," an initiative to educate students on who they should vote for on Nov. 2.

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BSU Daily News: Pence stops at Muncie; Democrat holds meet and g 2010-10-28

Congressman Mike Pence came to speak at a rally for fellow Republican Doug Eckerty while Democratic candidate for the Indiana State Treasurer Pete Buttigieg spoke to Ball State voters passing through the Scramble Light on Thursday.

The state treasurer candidate teamed up with University Democrats as part of "Better Know Your Ballot," an initiative to educate students on who they should vote for Tuesday.

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Daily Student: Monroe County Democrats promote early voting 2010-10-24

With a little more than a week left until Election Day, the Monroe County Democratic Party is continuing to push Bloomington residents to vote early. The Democratic Party invited State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg and State Auditor candidate Sam Locke to speak with Bloomington residents Saturday at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market.

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Trib-Star: Treasurer candidates at odds on biz risks 2010-10-23

Candidates for Indiana state treasurer are sparring about risk and transparency as Election Day nears. “Transparency isn’t rocket science,” Pete Buttigieg, Democratic candidate for state treasurer, said outside the Vigo County Courthouse on Friday afternoon as part of a late October cross-state tour.

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In one of the stranger episodes of the 2010 election cycle, yesterday incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock was in South Bend and took time to pose for pictures with supporters outside the home of his opponent, Democrat Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg, who is traveling the state discussing risky investments in the state’s portfolio and his plans to improve the office, was contacted by several concerned neighbors who witnessed the strange scene. He released the following statement this morning:

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Offering a long-overdue look at the state’s investment portfolio, today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg released a straightforward analysis of where and how Hoosiers’ tax dollars are invested. Buttigieg’s “Report to the People” shines light on the millions of dollars lost in recent years due to overly risky investments in junk bonds, mortgage-backed securities and other toxic assets as well as investments in foreign governments and companies with questionable track records.

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Indianapolis Star: War of words has a bigger audience this time, 2010-10-19

If there's one thing both candidates for state treasurer can agree on, it's that the race is gaining more attention than usual. Republican incumbent Richard Mourdock said it's clear people are more familiar with fiscal issues this year than usual.

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Calling his opponent out for glaring hypocrisy, today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg urged incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock to return thousands of dollars in campaign contributions he has accepted from Wall Street and other banks that received federal bailout funds.

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FW Journal Gazette: More to this race than Chrysler suit 2010-10-17

It’s rare that a race for state treasurer generates much excitement, but this year is different. That’s because the Chrysler bankruptcy is a central issue in the campaigns of incumbent Republican Treasurer Richard Mourdock and Democratic challenger Pete Buttigieg.

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Post-Tribune: Incumbent treasurer Mourdock faces young Dem... 2010-10-17

The contrasts between the two candidates for state treasurer could hardly be clearer. The Republican incumbent, former Vanderburgh County Commissioner Richard Mourdock, is 59 and has held a public office for most of the last 15 years. His claim to fame is his opposition to government intervention in private businesses, including banks. The Democrat, Pete Buttigieg, a South Bend business consultant, has never sought public office before.

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Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Endorsement of Pete 2010-10-16

The Democrat, Buttigieg, vows to remove the heavy-handed partisanship in the office.He would conduct a comprehensive review of the state’s investments, particularly evaluating the state’s holdings of junk bonds and other risky investments.

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In another sign of his campaign’s momentum, today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg announced he had raised more than $122,000 in the third quarter, bringing the total raised to just under $229,000 and leaving the first-time candidate with just under $158,000 cash-on-hand.

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Greensburg Daily News: Candidate For State Treasurer Promotes .. 2010-10-13

With less than a month to go before state and local elections, Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, Pete Buttigieg (pronounced "Boota-judge") said his focus during the final weeks of his campaign will be the creation of jobs. Buttigieg's plan, known as "Hoosier Capital Connector," focuses on ways to invest the state's money in small businesses, which, he asserts, will create jobs for communities, like Greensburg, throughout the state and improve the states economy.

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Madison Courier: Dem candidate for state treasurer offers plan t 2010-10-13

Pete Buttigieg has plan to use state deposits to create jobs. The Democratic candidate for state treasurer, Pete Buttigieg, is proposing a way for the state to spur job growth and retention without it directly costing the public any money.

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Anderson Herald Bulletin: Treasurer candidate hopes to implement 2010-10-12

With two-thirds of the jobs created coming from small businesses, Democratic state treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg hopes to create a program targeted at those very businesses. “The big reason I am running for the office is to do something about the job crisis we are facing,” Buttigieg said Monday in a phone interview. “Anderson is a place where we all know people are feeling the pain. The unemployment for the county is more than 11 percent like it is in a lot of areas. I want the treasurer’s office to be a part of the solution to this problem.”

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With a focus on creating jobs where they’re needed most, Democratic State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg unveiled an innovative plan today to spur job growth in communities struggling with high unemployment.

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WTHI TV: State Treasurer candidate talks jobs 2010-10-07

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is running against incumbent Richard Mourdock (R) for Indiana State Treasurer.His plan is to bring jobs to areas in the Wabash Valley hit with high unemployment.

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Trib-Star: State treasurer hopeful touts plan to grow jobs durin 2010-10-07

A candidate for state office hopes to grease the wheels of commerce back in the direction of small business.“Everyone running for state office needs to be talking about jobs,” Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday afternoon outside the Vigo County Courthouse. The Democratic Party’s candidate for Indiana state treasurer was in town to talk about his campaign, which includes an initiative to stimulate small business lending.

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Saying he’s ready ‘anywhere, anytime,’ today Democratic State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg visited his opponent’s hometown to once again challenge incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock to a debate.

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Today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg proposed a series of new measures to open up the treasurer’s office to the residents of Indiana, providing increased transparency and accountability, while allowing taxpayers the opportunity to see where and how their money has been invested.

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South Bend Tribune: Standing firmly on bad ground 2010-10-03

No state, other than Michigan and Ohio, benefited more than Indiana from the successful effort to save the American auto industry. Yet some Hoosier politicians, knowing better but shamelessly seeking to take advantage of voter dislike of anything termed "bailout," claim that the decisive, successful government effort to save General Motors and Chrysler was neither successful nor needed.

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Martinsville Reporter Times: Buttigieg says state invest... 2010-10-02

Jobs, jobs, jobs.That’s the mantra that Democratic state treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg hears repeatedly on the campaign trail. And he’s also finding that not being an incumbent is advantage, regardless of the candidate’s party affiliation.

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We live in a time when many Hoosiers have lost faith in their government. People across the state feel that their elected leaders have stopped working for them, and are instead handing out favors in return for political and financial support. As a state, we must take steps to prevent this kind of special-interest influence as we strive to provide effective and honest government. This is especially important when it comes to how we invest the billions of dollars managed by the state treasurer’s office.

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New Castle Courier Times: Treasurer candidate counts... 2010-09-30

Buttigieg, the Democratic candidate for state treasurer was the featured speaker at the United Auto Workers retirees' picnic, held at the W.G. Smith Building. About 100 people attended the lunch. "People often ask me if I'm old enough to vote," 28-year-old Buttigieg said with a laugh. "But UAW retirees are among my strongest supporters. I think that's because retirees care about the state of the world that's being passed on to future generations."

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South Bend Tribune: Indiana treasurer candidates attend forum... 2010-09-29

The two men running for Indiana treasurer clashed Tuesday evening during a forum for state candidates. Democrat Pete Buttigieg has criticized Republican incumbent Richard Mourdock for trying to block Chrysler's bankruptcy last year on behalf of state pensions and other public funds with investments in the automaker.

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Following a joint appearance at a Tea Party candidates’ forum in South Bend on Tuesday evening in which incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock lost his cool, today Democratic State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg issued the following statement: “Last night I attended a public forum hosted by the Concerned Citizens of Michiana where a member of the audience asked a question about our thoughts on the state’s lawsuit to shut down Chrysler. I came in good faith to lay out the facts and explain my views, but Treasurer Mourdock interrupted my response and caused a disturbance that prevented me from fully answering the question.

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Washington Herald Times: Treasurer Candidate visits T.H. 2010-09-25

Pete Buttigieg is the first to agree that most Hoosiers don’t wake up wondering what the Indiana state treasurer may be up to on a given morning. Even if elected to the job, he hopes that will still be the case.

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Journal Gazette Editorial: An Issue Worth Debating 2010-09-14

In most election years, the constitutional offices of state auditor, treasurer and secretary of state present voters with the challenge of choosing administrators better suited for appointment than election. This year, however, Indiana voters have a bona fide issue in the state treasurer’s race: Did incumbent Richard Mourdock act responsibly in investing public dollars in Chrysler debt and then in challenging the automaker’s bankruptcy settlement?

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Today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg urged State Treasurer Richard Mourdock to take a stand against deceptive businesses practices and scam artists by canceling his joint appearance with Glenn Beck this weekend.

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Indy Star: State Treasurer race heats up 2010-09-10

Pete Buttigieg, the Democrat nominee for state treasurer, today charged Republican incumbent Richard Mourdock with recklessly wasting taxpayer dollars by first investing state funds in junk bonds and then pursuing a costly, and ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit. Buttigieg, in a Statehouse news conference, released state billing records he had obtained that show the state, under Mourdock, spent more than $2 million on the New York law firm Mourdock hired to pursue a lawsuit trying to stop the bankruptcy settlement of Chrysler Corp

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Journal Gazette: Foe calls treasurer’s spending wasteful 2010-09-10

Democratic state treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg highlighted what he called extravagant and wasteful spending on a Chrysler lawsuit by his election opponent – some of which was paid for with state road construction dollars. “Financial management might be boring to some, but it’s incredibly important to me,” he said. “And I fear it’s not being done well in this case.”

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South Bend Tribune: Treasurer candidates spar on Chrysler suit 2010-09-10

Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s attempt to block Chrysler’s bankruptcy last year has been the central issue in this year’s race for the office.
Pete Buttigieg, a South Bend businessman and the Democratic nominee for treasurer, has criticized Mourdock’s effort to block the proceeding, saying thousands of Indiana autoworkers would have lost their jobs had Chrysler been forced into liquidation.

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After obtaining billing records associated with incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s lawsuit to shut down Chrysler, today his Democratic challenger, Pete Buttigieg, is raising new questions about his judgment and priorities.

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Hearld Argus: State treasurer candidate talks jobs 2010-08-25

Something Pete Buttigieg learned at Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar that has stuck with him is the tendency of unemployment to “get locked in if you let it get too high,” he said. Buttigieg, pronounced (Boota-judge), who is running for Indiana state treasurer as a Democrat, said the good news is “you can make a difference.”

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Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic candidate for Indiana State Treasurer, released the following statement regarding State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s fundraiser tomorrow featuring Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “With the serious economic challenges we face as a state, we can’t afford political distractions.

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HPI: Is 'shock & awe' the best Mourdock can do? 2010-08-11

Shock and awe?  That’s the best he’s got?  Our state treasurer, Richard Mourdock on learning of the plan by his Democratic opponent Pete Buttigieg to impose certain requirements on banks wanting state deposits says he’s in “shock and awe.” Then Mourdock takes a further shot by saying what Buttigieg wants is to impose “social policy.”  Huh?

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Winchester News Gazette: Buttigieg: State money, jobs top priori 2010-08-09

A Democrat candidate for Indiana State Treasurer Saturday said his main campaign points are keeping state tax money safe and making it work to create jobs. Candidate Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Boota-judge) Saturday evening stopped by Union City’s State Line Heritage Days festival to meet residents and hear their opinions about issues.

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WTHI: Banking industry comes under fire 2010-07-31

In a press conference Friday at the Vigo County Courthouse, Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg announced his plan to hold banks accountable. Buttigieg believes the state government should be more selective about the banks with which it does business. (Video here)

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WTWO: State Treasurer Nominee Talks Job During Terre Haute Visit 2010-07-31

onsumer protection and job growth are major topics in Pete Buttigieg's campaign for State Treasurer. The South Bend native is proposing using the state's financial position to encourage more responsible behavior from banks. During a press conference the Democratic nominee explained plans to establish criteria for banks doing business with the state. (Video here)

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Tribune-Star: Treasurer hopeful eyes job growth 2010-07-31

Placing more than $1 billion in state deposits into Indiana-based banks that regularly lend to small businesses can help spur job development, said Pete Buttigieg, the Democrat candidate for state treasurer. “We are in a critical time in our economy and every dollar belonging in this state needs to be creating jobs whenever possible. The way you have dollars create jobs is you put them where they recirculate in our communities and is available to small businesses,” Buttigieg said Friday outside the Vigo County Courthouse.

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Public Radio: Buttigieg Proposes New Banking Rules Which Mourdoc 2010-07-31

The Democratic candidate for treasurer in Indiana is criss-crossing the state touting a plan to change how public money is invested if he’s elected.The plan laid out by Pete Buttigieg Friday seeks to keep more money in community banks, rather than investing with the banks already overseeing the largest amount of money or generating the highest rate of return on paper…(Audio here)

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Herald Times: Candidate Pete Buttigieg visits Bloomington 2010-07-31

Democratic state treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg was in town Friday, talking about his proposal to use the state’s coffers to encourage what he calls “more responsible behavior” from the financial industry.

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Anderson Herald Bulletin: State treasurer candidate wants banks 2010-07-30

ANDERSON, Ind. — Democratic Indiana Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg wants to see Indiana banks play a larger role in the economic recovery and offer up more loans to create jobs.

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SOUTH BEND – In order to better protect consumers, unlock the flow of capital and stimulate job growth, today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg proposed using Indiana’s position as a major bank customer to encourage more responsible behavior within the financial industry.

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Click here to read Pete's bank accountability plan.

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WANE TV: Buttigieg outlined new bank plan 2010-07-29

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - State Treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg (D) was in town Thursday calling to call on banks to make more responsible decisions. He outlined his plan to hold banks more accountable. Buttigieg said the first step is for the state to start doing business with more local banks, last year only one out of the six banks used was local.

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Indiana's Newscenter: State Treasurer Nominee Visits Fort Wayne 2010-07-29

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Thursday morning, the Democratic State Treasurer Nominee was in Fort Wayne to promote his plan for banks to be more responsible to customers for their practices. South Bend-based Pete Buttigieg believes that by keeping better track of deposits and lending it will free up credit, stimulate economic growth, and put Hoosiers back to work. (Video link here.)

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WNDU TV: Democratic nominee for state treasurer campaigns in hom 2010-07-28

Pete Buttigieg is the democratic nominee for state treasurer and he stopped by his home town of South Bend on Wednesday. With November approaching, the campaign trail is heating up and candidates are making their rounds across the state. (Video link here)
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As President Obama prepares to sign the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law later this morning, Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “Boota-judge”) released the following statement.

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Public Radio: A Conversation With Democratic Treasurer Candidate 2010-07-19

Click here to listen to Indiana Public Radio's 3-part conversation with Pete.

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SOUTH BEND – Despite his refusal to take campaign contributions from banks and investment firms, today Democratic State Treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg announced that his campaign had raised more than $100,000 since its launch, continuing to out raise incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock in 2010.

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Howey: A fascinating race for state treasurer 2010-07-01

I've been writing this column since 1985 and I don't recall ever talking about the treasurer of state race. The office is that of bureaucratic function and in my mind shouldn't even be elected. It should be part of the governor's appointed cabinet. But this year we have a fascinating race between the Republican incumbent Richard Mourdock and a 28-year-old Democrat from South Bend named Peter Buttigieg (pronunced Boota-judge). Buttigieg is a Rhodes Scholar and studied economics at Oxford.

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South Bend Tribune: Statewide Democratic candidates visit city 2010-06-30

Democratic candidates for Indiana auditor, treasurer and secretary of state stopped at the party's St. Joseph County headquarters Tuesday on the second day of their two-day, eight-city tour across the state. Auditor candidate Sam Locke, secretary of state hopeful Vop Osili and treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg are preaching their visions for the often-overlooked statewide offices, which they believe can play key roles in creating jobs in Indiana.

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Candidates visit Lafayette 2010-06-30

Democratic candidates for three state offices made Lafayette their last stop of a two day, eight city tour to offer ideas on how state positions can be used to get Hoosiers back to work. The Other Pub in Lafayette hosted more than just the usual after work crowd. The Democratic candidates for state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state toasted thoughts on how to turn around Indiana's economy. State auditor nominee Sam Locke will focus on directing more state contracts to Indiana-based businesses.

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WLFI TV: Democratic candidates swing through FW 2010-06-30

Three democratic candidates for the November election stopped in Fort Wayne Tuesday. The democrats for State Auditor, State Treasurer and Secretary of State made an appearance at the Allen County Democratic headquarters. It was all part of a two day statewide tour that includes stops in Terre Haute, Evansville, South Bend and Lafayette.

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NWI Times: United Democratic ticket hits road to talk jobs 2010-06-30

Offering new ideas, energy and leadership in the fight to turn around Indiana's economy, the Democratic nominees for state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state introduced themselves at a news conference Tuesday.

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News & Tribune: Candidates push job creation on two-day state to 2010-06-29

On the heels of being nominated during a weekend convention in Indianapolis, three statewide Democratic Party candidates stopped in Jeffersonville on Monday. The politicking was part of a two-day, eight-stop cross-state media tour that includes auditor nominee Sam Locke, treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg and secretary of state hopeful Vop Osili.

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Tribune Star: Democrats gather in Vigo to support statewide cand 2010-06-29

Democrats gathered in Vigo County on Monday to support three statewide candidates for public office. About 40 people, including several local Democratic candidates, were at the International Union of Operating Engineers on Monday evening to show their backing for the Democratic candidates for state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state.

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Indiana's Newscenter: Trio Of Democrats Campaigning Across The S 2010-06-29

State democratic nominees hit the road on a mission to help get people back in the workforce.State Auditor Candidate Sam Locke, Secretary of State Candidate Vop Osili, and State Treasurer Candidate Pete Buttigieg were nominated this weekend to help rebuild the state's struggling economy.

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NEWS: United Democratic ticket hits road to talk jobs 2010-06-28

INDIANAPOLIS – Offering new ideas, energy and leadership in the fight to turn around Indiana’s economy, today the Democratic nominees for state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state hit the road to outline their plans for helping put people back to work. Secretary of state nominee Vop Osili, state auditor nominee Sam Locke and state treasurer nominee Pete Buttigieg were officially selected as their party’s standard bearers on Saturday at the 2010 Democratic Party State Convention in Indianapolis.

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WHAS 11 - Indiana Democrats rally in Jeffersonville 2010-06-28

Three democrats running for various offices in Indiana are joining forces to offer a "new generation" perspecive in Indianapolis. Democratic nominees for state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state stumped in Jeffersonville as part of a eight-city tour over two days.

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Journal Gazette: Democrats put rookies in state races 2010-06-27

NDIANAPOLIS – A decisive victory for secretary of state nominee Vop Osili highlighted Saturday’s state Democratic convention along with a focus on maintaining the party’s majority in the Indiana House. About 2,000 delegates gathered in a downtown Indianapolis ballroom to choose a youthful slate of statewide office candidates and gear up for what could be a punishing fall election.

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South Bend Tribune: State Dems pick Buttigieg 2010-06-27

South Bend businessman Pete Buttigieg officially accepted the Democratic nomination for state treasurer Saturday at the party's convention in Indianapolis. Although the nomination was expected -- Buttigieg was the party's only candidate -- it is significant in that it signals the start of his general election campaign against incumbent Republican Richard Mourdock.

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INDIANAPOLIS – At the Indiana Democratic Party’s 2010 State Convention today in Indianapolis, South Bend businessman Pete Buttigieg accepted his party’s nomination for Indiana State Treasurer. (see below for full acceptance speech text).

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Indiana UAW CAP endorses Pete Buttigieg for state treasurer 2010-06-24

The Indiana UAW Community Action Program has unanimously endorsed Peter Buttigieg for state treasurer. "Pete Buttigieg will protect Indiana’s tax dollars while at the same time help create jobs by looking to invest in Indiana communities and businesses first,” said Maurice “Mo” Davison, director of Region 3, which includes Indiana.

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The Times: Treasurer candidate says no to bank PAC donations 2010-06-24

INDIANAPOLIS | The likely Democratic nominee for state treasurer says he won't accept campaign donations from bank political action committees. Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday it is a conflict of interest for the state's chief investment officer to take campaign donations from bank PACs since the treasurer decides which banks hold the state's money.

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Today Democratic candidate for Indiana State Treasurer Pete Buttigieg announced that his campaign would decline all contributions from banks and, when elected, would pursue legislation to prohibit such donations in the future.

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South Bend Tribune: South Bend's Buttigieg hopes to be next stat 2010-06-20

When Pete Buttigieg bought his North Shore Drive home in February last year, some probably would have considered the century-old Colonial Revival a lost cause. It had been vacant for about two years.

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Chesterton Tribune: State treasurer candidate Pete Buttigieg mak 2010-06-18

The greatest difficulty facing Indiana voters in November may not be deciding if the Democratic nominee for state treasurer is worthy of their vote, but perhaps knowing how to pronounce his name correctly. Hours before addressing the Porter County Democrats in Valparaiso at their meeting on Thursday, the aforementioned candidate Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “Boota-judge” as his website clarifies) stopped by the Chesterton Tribune office for some old-fashioned on-the-road campaigning.

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Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Chrysler lawsuit could have devastat 2010-06-14

By Pete Buttigieg

One year ago this week, Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock almost single-handedly destroyed thousands of Hoosier jobs in a politically motivated lawsuit intended to take down the American automotive industry while making a name for himself.

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Howey Political Report: A year after the brink, Obama impact pro 2010-06-10

FRANKLIN - Just over a year ago - in the June 4, 2009 edition of Howey Politics Indiana - we led with this dire report: “General Motors and Chrysler are in bankruptcy. The Chinese are buying Hummer. An Indianapolis GM plant is closing. Indiana has gone through turbulence with the auto industry it helped forge before, with names like Stutz, Studebaker and Dusenberg falling by the wayside in past rough patches. But there has never been a week like this.”

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North Vernon Plain Dealer: State treasurer candidate stops here 2010-06-09

Pete Buttigieg was at the local eatery as part of his campaign swing through Jennings County. He told those present that he planned to return-probably several more times-as he works to attain the job he feels he is most suited for.

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One year ago this week, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock almost single-handedly destroyed thousands of Hoosier jobs in a politically motivated lawsuit intended to take down the American automotive industry while making a name for himself.  In an opinion article published in newspapers around the country this weekend, Governor Mitch Daniels is marking that anniversary by attempting to re-write history in order to justify this costly misadventure.

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Evansville Courier Press: Chrysler bankruptcy drives Ind... 2010-06-06

— A year ago, Richard Mourdock placed the Indiana Treasurer's Office prominently on the political radar when he tried to toss a roadblock into the path of bankruptcy proceedings intended to save Chrysler from liquidation.

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Michigan City News Dispatch: Treasurer hopeful outlines goals 2010-06-03

MICHIGAN CITY — A candidate for state treasurer says he wants to use the state’s deposits to hold banks with bad consumer practices accountable. Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “Boota-judge”), 28, the likely Democratic candidate for Indiana state treasurer, came to town Tuesday to discuss Wall Street reform at the Teamster’s Local 135 Union Hall.

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NEWS: Taxpayers deserve to know 2010-06-03

Indiana's government has a transparency problem. Recent news reports have highlighted our state government's refusal to reveal even basic information to taxpayers about how our money is being managed and spent. Taxpayers deserve to know what is happening with state funds--after all, it's our money. How is it spent? Where is it invested? What is happening to the budget?

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Columbus Republic: Treasurer Candidate Touts Economic Focus 2010-05-29

Indiana's Major Moves money needs to be invested with less risk, and the position of state treasurer should be less political, said a Democratic candidate for the office. Pete Buttigieg (pronounced "boota-judge") cited those as primary reasons for seeking the  statewide elected office, during a recent visit to Columbus.

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Greensburg Daily News: Young Candidate Wants To Rejuvenate State 2010-05-27

Among the many political races in 2010, the Indiana State Treasurer's seat is up for a vote. Incumbent Richard Mourdock (R) is being challenged by Pete Buttigieg, who is seeking the Democrat nomination at the State Convention next month.

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Seymour Daily Tribune: Democrat pitches candidacy 2010-05-25

Pete Buttigieg says Indiana is testing the economic point of no return. In an interview with The Tribune on Monday, the 28-year-old Democratic candidate for Indiana state treasurer said risk is not under control. “You can hit a point where you never come back,” Buttigieg said. “We’re getting awfully close to the ledge.”

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South Bend Tribune: If only he isn't too smart for the job 2010-05-16

For Pete's sake, why would a young man smart enough to be a Rhodes Scholar want to be state treasurer, an office with a relatively low governmental salary that oft times is the resting place for a political hack?

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Peru Tribune: Pete Buttigieg visits Miami County 2010-05-13

In a little more than five weeks’ time, South Bend native Peter Buttigieg filed his candidacy for the Indiana Treasurer of State and visited 65 of the state’s 92 counties. On Wednesday, Buttigieg (pronounced “Boota-judge”) stopped in Miami County to meet and talk with local residents.

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Today's announcement is welcome news – it represents a small, but important, step in Indiana’s economic recovery. These jobs exist because of the Obama administration’s intervention last year to keep Chrysler and GM in business. While not everyone agreed with that action, today reminds us that is was clearly the right call for Indiana, our economy and these workers. Read More

Marion Chronicle Tribune:State Treasurer candidate speaks in Mar 2010-05-06

Democratic candidate for Indiana State Treasurer Pete Buttigieg made a stop in Marion on Wednesday, and spoke of his plans to focus on state's economy if he wins the November election. Read More

Kokomo Perspective: Buttigieg ready to take on Mourdock 2010-04-22

If Jackie Walorski is the Republican Party’s “one woman SWAT team,” then Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “Boota-judge”) is the Democrat Party’s baby-faced killer. Read More

Winchester News-Gazette: State Treasurer candidate makes... 2010-04-19

Democrat candidate for State Treasurer Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Boota-judge) Thursday made campaign stops at Workhorse Custom Chassis in Union City, Ind., and in Winchester. Read More

Connersville News-Examiner: State treasurer candidate here... 2010-04-17

It’s pronounced Botta-judge and even though he is young, Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg is ready to take on the challenges that come with being the Indiana state treasurer, he says. Read More

Portland Commercial Review: Young Dem seeks state post 2010-04-17

In a state with a history of saying yes to younger statewide elected officials, Pete Buttigieg hopes he is the next in line. Read More

New Castle Courier-Times: 28-year-old seeking treasurer job... 2010-04-15

With a laugh, Pete Buttigieg told a crowd of Democrats in New Castle on Wednesday that people often ask him if he's old enough to vote. Read More

Terre Haute Tribune Star: Candidate for state office brings... 2010-04-09

The likely state Democratic Party’s nominee for Indiana treasurer campaigned in Terre Haute on Thursday. Read More

Times of Northwest Indiana: Candidate: State should pressure ban 2010-04-08

The likely Democratic nominee for state treasurer said Tuesday that if elected he will try to create jobs for Hoosiers by using the powers of his office to change the behavior of banks in Indiana. Read More

WTWO TV: Buttigieg Running for State Treasurer 2010-04-08

Democrat Pete Buttigieg made a stop at the Vigo County Courthouse Thursday afternoon to announce his candidacy. The 28-year-old is a Harvard graduate and worked for a top consulting firm in economic development. He left his job to campaign full-time. Read More

The News & Tribune: State treasurer hopeful stumps in New Albany 2010-04-07

Pete Buttigieg described himself as a nerd when it comes to employment when telling Floyd County Democrats on Wednesday why he wants to be Indiana State Treasurer.

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Fox 7: Democrat Announces Run for Indiana Treasurer 2010-04-07

A businessman from South Bend threw his name into the race for State Treasurer Wednesday. Pete Buttigieg announced his run for the position on the Democratic side. A graduate of Harvard and a Rhodes Scholar, Buttigieg says he wants to see more state money invested in the state and keep more jobs in Indiana. The 28-year old also wants to leverage the $7 billion in state assets over banks in the state to ensure banks and other financial firms are being fair with their customers. Buttigieg is the only Democrat seeking the office. He will go up against incumbent and Evansville native Richard Mourdock. Read More

WANE TV: South Bend man to run for IN Treasurer 2010-04-06

A South Bend businessman announced that he'll seek the Democratic nomination for the Indiana treasurer's office. Read More

LaPorte Herald-Argus: Dem starts bid for Ind. treasurer 2010-04-06

A South Bend businessman has announced that he’ll seek the Democratic nomination for the Indiana treasurer’s office. Read More

South Bend Tribune: Much at stake on Dyngus Day for Democrat 2010-04-06

Monday was the last day to register to vote in the May 4 party primaries, the first day to vote by absentee ballot and — last but not least — it was Dyngus Day. Read More

Indiana's NewsCenter: Dem. State Treasurer Candidate Hopes... 2010-04-06

The Democratic Candidate for State Treasurer says Indiana should be doing more and better things with taxpayer money. Read More

Indianapolis Star: South Bend economist seeks state treasurer no 2010-04-06

Pete Buttigieg, a 28-year-old South Bend economist, is running for the Democrat nomination for state treasurer.

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Offering a unique combination of experience, education and energy, today South Bend businessman Pete Buttigieg formally launched his campaign for Indiana Treasurer of State. Read More

Columbus Republic: Businessman starts campaign for Democratic... 2010-04-05

A South Bend businessman has announced that he'll seek the Democratic nomination for the Indiana treasurer's office. Read More

Fox 59 TV:Businessman starts campaign for Democratic nomination 2010-04-05

A South Bend businessman has announced that he'll seek the Democratic nomination for the Indiana treasurer's office. Read More

WIBC Radio: Democrat Starts Bid for State Treasurer's Office 2010-04-05

A South Bend businessman has announced that he'll seek the Democratic nomination for the Indiana treasurer's office. Read More

WNDU TV: Dyngus Day marks a milestone 2010-04-05

Dyngus Day marks a milestone; 80th anniversary for celebration in South Bend Read More

South Bend Tribune: Get ready for another Dyngus Day 2010-04-04

Polish food, polka music and politics — it's the quintessential Dyngus Day cocktail. Read More

Warsaw Times-Union: Buttigieg Plans State Treasurer Run 2010-03-02

A South Bend native is set to throw his hat into the state treasurer's race later on this spring as the Democrat's nominee. Read More

Indianapolis Star: Economist to run for state treasurer

Pete Buttigieg, a 28-year-old South Bend economist, is running for the Democratic nomination for state treasurer. Read More

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